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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the registration fee?
$155.00 no additional fees

Can I pay the registration fee by check?
Yes, although online registration is preferred we will host in-person registrations. Please email us at to request in-person registration dates

What is your refund policy?
A refund of your registration fee, less a $20 convenience charge, may be given if requested before the registration is processed with the NFL parent organization (when the uniform is ordered).A refund of your registration fee, less a $50 uniform fee and convenience charge, may be given if requested after uniforms have been ordered. After the first game, no refunds will be given

Do you have a multi child discount?
Yes. There is a $10 discount for each additional sibling, after the first one.

Do you have a scholarship program?
If you are unable to pay for the registration fee, please email us at And we can discuss what funds may be available from donors to assist with player fees.

How can I contribute to NFL Flag?
We welcome any donations that would assist with scholarships, promotion, and development of NFL Flag. Our goal is to involve as many youths as possible in a program that will develop stronger fundamental football skills, enhance overall athletic abilities, teach positive teamwork values, and encourage strong academic achievement.
We are looking for good coaches, so please let us know if you are interested, or know a good coach that could be involved.

How can my business contribute to NFL Flag?
We are looking for advertising partners. Your advertising money will be used to continue development of this strong youth flag football organization. Your business will be featured/advertised in our advertiser booklet, on our webpage, and other social media.

When will I hear from my coach?
You will receive an email from the league as soon as your child has been placed on a team, indicating the team and coach information. Your coach will contact you at least one week prior to the start of season to introduce themselves. If you haven�¢??t heard from your coach and the first game is less than a week away, please contact us for information

I'm interested in coaching or officiating. Who do I contact?
You can sign up to coach or referee by indicating your desire to do so on the registration form for your child. You may also email us we are often in need dedicated coaches and refs

NFL Flag groups players into different age levels, based on registration numbers and experience level. While age divisions may vary, examples of age divisions are:

  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-11
  • 12-13
My child has an older sibling, older friends, or is nearly old enough to play in the next age division and wants to play up into the next age group. Is that possible?
Yes. Playing up into the next age division is allowed. You may make request when you register. We do not however allow playing down into younger age division, to be fair to the younger kids.

How many games are played?
8 games are played once a week. All teams will play two games one week during the season

How many playoffs games are played?
1 or 2 and it is single-game elimination system & Championship Game

What equipment is provided?
Another exciting aspect of the program is the equipment -- NFL Team identified! With your NFL Flag registration, you will receive the following:
  • NFL Team identified jersey
  • NFL Flag Belt
  • Game Shorts
Is there any additional equipment required?
All players must wear a proactive mouthpiece no exceptions. Official NFL Flag jerseys must be worn during. Black shorts are preferred and provided. Shorts with pockets are not allowed. Metal cleats are not allowed.

What sizes do NFL Flag jerseys come in?
NFL Flag jerseys come in six: youth small, youth medium, youth large, youth extra large, adult large, adult medium

How can I learn more about football, proper technique, training, etc.?
Visit our website @ for great educational information that benefits players & coaches.

What is the difference between competitive and recreational flag football?
Players with more experience may be placed on competitive teams, while first time players and those with less experience may be placed on recreational teams. Our goal is to have teams that are as evenly matched as possible, and keep the game fun for everyone

What is NFL Flag?
NFL Flag is a youth football league for boys & girls ages 5-17 in the Bakersfield, CA Area. Our goal is to improve the passing and catching game of football. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning fundamentals of football. For those who play tackle in the fall, our seasons compliment by improving passing & catching in the off season.
NFL Flag is an insured youth sport organization, with $1M liability policy. We take extra steps to differentiate our program. This ensures a fun program for the entire family. We provide value added programs that support development of your child�¢??s agility fundamental, skill and technique.

What is Flag football?
The basic rules of flag football are similar to those of traditional tackle football, but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must grab and remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier to end a down. While there are many versions of flag football with varying rules, NFL Flag plays non-contact, 5 on 5 coed. With no blacking allowed. Everyone on offensive except the quarterback is allowed to run the ball or catch a pass. Offensive players are not allowed to hand block defensive players to prevent them from grabbing the flag.

When does the 2016 Season begin?
November 5

Are the practices held?
30 minutes before the games

How are players assigned to teams?
Players are placed on teams according to their ages and experience. Teams are distributed to ensure even numbers on each team. Special requests must be made at registration and will be evaluated on a per cause basis

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